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The Holy Family

hight: 40 cm
length: 30 cm
depth: 2,5 cm

H and-written (painted) icon by iconographer M.A. Krystyna Kuś-Kilichowska graduate from Nicolaus Copernicus University,
Art Conservation and Restoration Faculty.

Icon painted/written using old traditional techniques:

  • gilded with golden leaves 23.75 karat
  • painted on gesso a number of substrates made from a traditional mix of an animal glue binder and chalk
  • painted in egg tempera technique
  • traditionally painted on a hollowed out linden wood the so called ‘kovcheg’ (ark or shrine) separated from the elevated margin (border, frame) by the ‘luzga’, a shallow angled edge
  • provided with tapered and dove-tailed battens inserted into the back (like icons from the 12th to 15th centuries)
  • covered with amber shellac and varnish
The Holy Family

The Holy Family, Icon of Equipes Notre-Dame, END icon

Originally the icon of The Holy Family was painted by a nun in Jerusalem in the seventies. The icon was painted at the request of the responsible for the movement Equipes Notre-Dame: Marie and Louis d'Amonville

The icon shows a deep unity and spirituality of the Holy Family. Great tenderness and delicacy emanates from the icon.

Icon of The Holy Family has been accepted by the Domowy Kościół / Ecclesia Domestica and symbolizes the unity and expresses marital love and family life of the Christian.

Saint Joseph embraces Mary and they both hold and embrace Jesus Christ. Jesus left hand connects with their hands, while his right hand raised in blessing points to Mary. These three joined hands express the unity of Christ with a marriage joined through marriage vows.




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